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Chad Elms: Business expertise, integrity and strength make him the best candidate for SISD Place 3.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Chad Elms

Please allow me the opportunity to explain why I endorse Chad Elms for SISD School Board, Place 3.

Full disclosure – I am his mom, but I feel endorsements should start from the ones who know a person best!

I’ve had the privilege of watching Chad grow as a family man grounded in his Christian faith, values and integrity which has strengthened him and provided wisdom beyond his years. His incredibly supportive wife, Stephanie, has been such a blessing to him as well as their son, Gabe, 14.

After earning a degree in physical therapy, Chad pursued opening his first physical therapy clinic in Helotes.

He made the sacrifices necessary to establish a successful business by offering excellent patient care and treating all his patients with dignity and respect. Chad’s clinics thrived and grew to 16 locations in four states making the Inc.5000 List.

He worked hard and applied fiscally responsible principles to operate debt-free by setting aside money necessary to grow his business.

Chad didn’t shy away from making difficult decisions he knew were right for his business.

Along with Chad’s accomplishments as a successful businessman, there’s probably no better qualification than combining his expertise and business background with the experience of actually attending Stephenville schools from K-12, graduating from Tarleton State University and living in this community most his life.

Chad remembers his teachers by name and appreciates the impact they’ve had on his life.

Chad will stand on solid ground with firm resolve when it comes to representing his values and the ideals he believes parents want for their children and teachers need to be successful in the classroom.

He will be transparent, approachable, resourceful and genuine. That’s who Chad is!

I believe Chad’s accomplishments from establishing a business will allow him to contribute his managerial skills, independent thinking, traditional values, listening ear and fiscally responsible principles back to the community that provided him a strong foundation for success.

Chad wants his son and future generations to have the quality of education and opportunities afforded to him as well as brainstorm new ways for better serving all students.

Chad’s wisdom, integrity and strength would be such an asset and he’d be an outstanding member of the school board.

Chad’s credentials, successes and awards throughout his life speak louder than what his momma thinks!

Please vote Chad Elms for SISD School Board Place 3. Thank you for your support.

Cindra Elms,



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