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Bull Nettle Sports Bar ups its game with new craft cocktails.


Stephenville’s No. 1 sports bar is upping its drinking game by unveiling a delicious new menu of craft cocktails.

I bumped into Bull Nettle’s owner Court Cole at an event last night and he told me all about the fantastic drinks he is adding to the menu.

“We just wanted to change things up a little,” Court said. “I think people are really going to like the new drinks.”

And they are pretty impressive.

Think Old Fashioned, Cucumber Mule, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop Martini and Bloody Mary.

There is even a few signature drinks like Nettle Water, Dirty Susie (Jim Beam Red Stag, Sprite and grenadine) and Bull Nettle Fizz (Bullet Bourbon, vanilla cream soda, bitters and orange juice).

These drinks pair well with BINGO, which takes place every Tuesday night at Bull Nettle.

And with football season upon us, you can rest assured that when the Cowboys are playing, the big screens and surround sound will be on.

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