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BTS News has been live for 2 months. And I owe each of you a bit of gratitude.

Sara VB


We are speeding up to the two-month anniversary of Beneath the Surface News.

When I launched the site on March 19, I was a bundle of emotions: Scared, uncertain, excited and hopeful that at least a few of you would read my stuff.

I wanted to create a blog with a unique vibe, one that is very different from what Erath County residents are used to.

I wanted it to be personal; a place where I write about the people, places and things I find interesting in Erath County and beyond.

A place where you could access local news, get the scoop on new books (and other products on my Favorite Things page), discover great eateries across North Texas and read about dream vacations in faraway lands.

Eight weeks later I can happily say that more than a few of you are supporting this venture in meaningful ways.

As of today, there have been 64,786 visits to my website and 32,955 unique visitors, and despite a difficult economy, several local businesses have already jumped on board to advertise.

Thank you!

BTS News will evolve as I continue to find my stride and make improvements to content.

I’ll try new things to see what sticks, listen to your suggestions and enjoy this new and unexpected adventure.

Oh, and if you aren’t tuning into KSTV the Mighty 93, please check it out!

Tune into KSTV the Mighty 93 for daily updates on local news.

We have partnered to bring more local news to listeners, and I have discovered that the radio business is a blast!

(I do need to work on my radio voice though.)

Boots, Bob, Billy Mack, Grieg, Erin and the rest of the gang have been patient and welcoming and have made me feel like I actually know what I am doing.

A big thanks to each of them!

And cheers to all of you! I hope you are having as much fun with this as I am.


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