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Brandon Huckabee is key voice for growth, development and should be the next Erath County judge.

Erath County Courthouse

To the voters of Erath County:

There is change in the air in Erath County, Texas. There is a renewed interest in local government and particularly in effective local government. This seems to be true in Stephenville, Dublin and Erath County.

Often, we hear, in casual conversations, “what are we getting for our tax dollars” or “are we getting value returned for our taxes” or “why are they (meaning Council or Commissioners) doing this or that.”

Citizens should expect local elected representatives to be good stewards of tax funds, make informed decisions, and be as transparent as possible. As citizens we should expect fairness in those decisions and consideration for what is best for the future.

With these thoughts in mind, I have come to the conclusion that it is time for new leadership at the county level and I believe that Brandon Huckabee is the better choice for Erath County judge.

Brandon has done an admirable job on the Stephenville City Council and has been a key vote and voice for growth and development. He is a businessman with years of experience in human resources and perhaps, more important, bearing responsibility for owning and managing a successful business operation, including supervising employees, marketing, finance, and vision.

Erath County needs leadership that is open, fair, informed, forward thinking, and willing to try new approaches to solving problem issues county-wide.

It is time to bring greater value and savings to our citizens by exploring and instituting new local government cooperation and partnerships. I believe that Brandon Huckabee can move us forward on these issues and I urge you to cast your vote for him on Feb. 14.


Gerald Cook

Stephenville City Council


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