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Beneath the Book Club discussion: April’s 'Happy Place' focuses on the angst of a breakup and the importance of friendship.


Happy Place by Emily Henry was a well-written book about the angst of a break up and an endearing ode to longtime friendships.  


And although I’m a sucker for a good romance, I’m on the fence about this one.


Harriet and Wyn were college sweethearts who planned to get married, but busy careers put starting a family on the backburner, and before they knew it, they called it quits.


Happy Place focuses on how the couple kept the breakup a secret from their friends while vacationing at a little cottage in Maine where the group gathers every year to reconnect.


Harriet and Wyn try to avoid the awkwardness of a breakup – and save the vacation - by pretending they are still a couple.


But a week together brings back old feelings and they soon discover that fooling their friends is harder than they imagined.


Happy Place is a sweet story with a happily ever after, but I like a little more excitement in my books.

What did you think?


1.     Would you recommend this book to someone? Why or why not?


2.     What kind of reader would most enjoy this book?


3.     Did you enjoy this author’s writing style?


4.     Which character did you find the most intriguing?


5.     What was the most satisfying or disappointing part of this story?


6.     Rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10.









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