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Beach dip. TikTok made me make it and I’m so glad I did.

If you are having Beach Dip, you should have a spicy margarita too.


We are a family who likes to dip.


So I’m always searching for new recipes, especially in the summer when most of our time is spent poolside.


I found this recipe for Beach Dip on TikTok (thank you Austin Dennis). If you’re not following him, you should. He’s pretty entertaining.


Anyhoo, I saved his video for Beach Dip and made a big batch of it today.


Two of our kids are coming home tonight to celebrate our nephew’s graduation from Stephenville High School (Yay Kooper!) and they are going to love it.


Since I sadly don’t live close to a beach, I’m renaming it Pool Dip.


And now you have the recipe for it.




24 oz. sour cream


Mild Rotel, drained


8 oz. Colby/jack cheese


Spicy Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packet


Mix it all together and serve with your favorite tortilla chip or cracker.


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