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As COVID numbers continue to rise, the hospital is managing its patients with no problems.

As the number of new COVID cases continues to rise in Erath County, there is some good news.

The hospital is managing just fine.

Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos said 14 patients with the virus have sought treatment at Texas Health Harris Stephenville.

“To date, our local hospital has experienced a manageable number of COVID-19 patients, most are for short stays, and only single digits (of patients) at any one time,” Campos stated in a press release.

“The increase in infections seen in rural communities like ours is mostly attributed to residents taking fewer safeguards, as opposed to residents of metro communities. While the largest and more densely populated counties still suffer the most infections and deaths, the overall rates of increase in infections has grown at a faster pace in the more rural counties in the past month.”

Five new cases of the virus were reported in Erath County on Wednesday.

Following Monday’s death of a third resident with COVID, county officials released the following statement.

“Our most vulnerable citizens, including the elderly and those with chronic health conditions, are especially at risk. We must continue to commit ourselves to fighting the spread of this virus and take seriously our responsibility to protect our loved ones and neighbors from this disease.”

A fourth man who reportedly had the virus also died this week, but it’s not clear if that death is being attributed to COVID.

WFAA has reported that many of the patients being treated for the virus in Dallas County hospitals have the following risk factors:

• Diabetes – 30%

• Obesity – 15%

• Heart disease - 13%

• Lung disease - 11%

• Kidney disease – 10%

• Cancer – 7%

Meanwhile, the city’s health authority, Dr. Kelly Doggett, said he remains frustrated that some people still refuse to wear a mask.

“It’s so frustrating because this is within our control,” Dr. Doggett said. “We spent trillions of dollars, wrecked our economy, ruined livelihoods and all it would take to beat this is to cover our face.

“We can have school. We can have sports. We can get back to normal if we’d just wear the masks.”


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