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Another year, another spin around the sun; I celebrated my birthday with more love than I deserve.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since I turned 50.

So it’s really strange to say that, as of today, I’m 51.

I guess this means I’m officially grown up.

I've got no shortage of beautiful friends. Thanks to these ladies for a wonderful evening.

I wish I had been one of those women who embraced the big 5-0 like a hug with my children, but no-can-do.

You guys, I struggled. Hard.

I know, I know. You’re rolling your eyes and saying that the alternative to celebrating another year older is even less appealing and that I should get a grip.

You would be correct, which is why I shoved all those negative thoughts about aging aside today and focused on the things I enjoy most; like how a group of friends surprised me with a get together and cocktails.

And how in just two short days, I will have all three of my kids in one place for a glorious 48 hours.

And how I married a man that, after 31 years, I am more in love with now than ever before.

And how this summer is packed full of travel adventures I can hardly wait to start.

And how I get to spend my days enjoying a career in journalism and growing my own business.

Life, at 51, is so far pretty good.

Thanks for all the good wishes, calls, texts and FB messages.

And cheers to another spin around the sun.


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