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All In Restoration helps families restore homes damaged by water, fire or natural disaster.

If the interior of your home gets damaged by water, fire or a natural disaster, the specialists at All In Restoration can help.

This Erath County-based company helps families restore their homes as quickly and conveniently as possible when something goes wrong.

Blaine Vick, one of four owners, sat down with Beneath the Surface News to talk about the company’s turnkey operation.

“We all came from an insurance adjusting background, so we can really help customers with the insurance process,” he said.

All In Restoration’s commercial and residential services include water and fire damage, mold and asbestos abatement, crime scene cleanup and remodeling.

“For homes that are damaged by water, AIR assesses the damages, obtains documentation, removes the affected materials, and then dries the structure so it is safe for your family to return. When water damage is not remediated properly it can cause health effects to the building occupants,” Blaine said.

“Then we build back and install cabinets, carpet and floorboards, fix dry wall and paint – restoring everything back to its original condition.”

All In Restoration is the only business of its kind in Erath County.

The company’s service area includes Erath County, Weatherford, Abilene and the Metroplex.

Its main office is located at 400 Cox Crossing in Tolar.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 844-836-8379.


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