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After two years, my bedroom, bathroom remodel is finally complete thanks to these local businesses.

Updated: May 24, 2022

I love pillows and Cheerful Heart carries some exceptionally cheerful ones like this that says “Dear life, it’s beautiful here.” And it really is.

I dislike home projects.

And when I say “dislike,” I really mean that I hate ‘em.

My OCD and need for tidiness never pair well when it’s time for new carpet or a fresh coat of paint, so I wait until it’s an absolute necessity before I start any kind of home fixer-upper project.

A couple of years ago, the time for a master bathroom refresher arrived.

The Husband and I scoured online ideas and decided that we wanted an open-air shower made of rock. I’m not really sure why, but the idea of showering in a cave appealed to us.

We called Toby O’Neal with TXP Construction and Remodeling and told him about our strange idea.

He jumped on board and literally built what we think is the coolest shower we have ever seen.

We love our shower!

His crew also redid our bathtub, resurfaced the countertops, changed all the faucets and lighting and repainted the cabinets and walls.

It was six weeks of pure hell, but worth every agonizing sweep of dust.

TXP delivered on its promise to build us the bathroom of our dreams, but that remodel, of course, segued into a spruce up of the master bedroom with new paint, curtains and bedding.

Tired of the mess, and not knowing how I wanted to complete each of the rooms, both sat undecorated for nearly two years.

(Yeah, I know. I’m a real go-getter.)

The truth is, my interior design skills are lacking and I just couldn’t figure out how to fill those empty spaces.

Then, one day, I became inspired. (Guests were arriving.)

I went on a full-day shopping spree at several of my favorite local stores and found everything I never knew I needed.

Here's a look at how it all turned out.

I love my bathtub and I soak in it nightly with my favorite Spongelle from Frames Etc and bath bombs from Cheerful Heart (that don’t dirty up your bathtub).

I found this unique wall piece at Woods Furniture Gallery.

It hangs in the bathroom, and as you can see, plays host to my never-ending supply of bath products, bombs, lotions and face masks.

This hard-to-fill space in our bedroom caused me a great deal of angst until I spotted this magazine stand at Woods.

I’m not much of a magazine reader so I filled it with things I love including two of my favorite books – a Vintage Versace and Unveiled, a story about life for women in Afghanistan.

My third great find at Woods was this adorable and incredibly comfy recliner that sits next to our bedroom fireplace.

When I walked into the showroom, I explained to the salesman what I wanted and this was the first chair he led me to.

I wasn’t looking for a recliner, but I am so glad I bought one. I spend a lot of time reading here.

And that cute “Good morning beautiful” pillow came from Cheerful Heart.

I also found this at Cheerful Heart, and as soon as I spotted it, I knew it was coming home with me.

The golden poppy is the official flower of my home state of California and it’s like having a little slice of my childhood inside my sanctuary.

Remember that Stephenville is full of fantastic stores that carry beautiful and unique items for your home.

And there truly is nothing better than shopping local and supporting other small business owners.


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