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Aaron Hoodie is May’s Hometown Hero. ‘The fire department is a brotherhood; we are like family.’

Leslie Walker, Aaron Hoodie and Carlene Sutton

Stephenville firefighter and paramedic Aaron Hoodie says there are two reasons he loves his job.

The first involves the act of helping others. The second, he says, is working in a strong, supportive environment.

“The Stephenville Fire Department is a brotherhood; we are like family,” Aaron told Beneath the Surface News. “When I was sent to work Hurricane Harvey, my wife had to go to the ER. The guys from the department went to sit at the hospital with her while I was gone.”

Aaron was named May’s Hometown Hero sponsored by Farmers Insurance agent Leslie Walker.

And firefighting is in his blood.

“I’m a third-generation firefighter. My dad and grandfather were both firefighters in Ranger,” he said. “I grew up at the fire station and always knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Aaron is also a family man. He and his wife Britany have five kids; Nate, 21, who is also a fireman, Kassidy, 15, Izik, 12, Preslee, 10, and Aubree, 9.

He was doing some outdoor training at the fire station when he learned that he was being honored.

“It’s humbling to know I was even nominated,” Aaron said. “I don’t do anything to stand out or be noticed. I just enjoy helping people.”


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