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A shot of beauty: I did a 10-day trial with Vasayo’s liquid collagen and this is what happened.

Beauty experts say that collagen is the magic potion to youth; the pixie dust that will give you glow-y skin, long nails and luscious locks.

They even say it’s good for weight loss, working to speed up the metabolism and building muscle mass.

We lose collagen as we age, and since it acts as the main structural protein in our skin, that’s a bad thing; think wrinkles, fine lines, sag. You get the picture.

And it’s why there are now a gazillion companies peddling collagen replacements to people like me who are looking for the fountain of youth.

I have been using powdered collagen on-and-off for a few years by putting a scoop in my morning coffee, but even the unflavored form has a funny taste, so I’ve struggled to stick with it.

With hundreds of brands on the market, finding the right one has been confusing - until now.

My friend Amy Wade sales products made by Vasayo. About three years ago I wrote a story about the company’s CBD oils and recently tried its Beleza liquid collagen.

Some experts say liquid is the way to go because it allows the body to quickly absorb all of its dreamy benefits.

I received the pretty package on my doorstep last month, shortly after arriving home from 18 days abroad.

My body was in desperate need of some debloating and a little TLC, so I was anxious to get started.

Vasayo’s monthly collagen routine is simple: Take it for 10 consecutive days every night right before bed. The fresh taste reminds me of fruit punch.

After five days I noticed a distinct difference in my skin; it was smoother, plumber and brighter.

And here’s something else: During that 10-day trial I had a scheduled appointment with Amy Roach at Pure Image for a microneedling session, which usually takes my skin more than a week to recover from.

But while using Vasayo’s liquid collagen, my skin’s healing process was much quicker – happening in just a few days - and my skin looked better than ever.

Vasayo offers micro-life liposomal delivery nutritional products that claim to eliminate a big problem they say exists with many traditional nutritional supplements - poor absorption.

I don’t understand all the science behind the hocus-pocus, but I do know a good product when I try one and Vasayo’s Belize liquid collagen has become a staple in my beauty routine.

If you would like to give it a try, call Amy Wade at 254-485-7685.


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