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A new kitten just showed up at our house. And now we are in love.

Whoever said cats aren't friendly never met Hemi. This guy is the sweetest thing.

We have been on a little vacation the past few days and while we were gone, we got a call from our son Aaron who was in from Austin.

He called to tell us that a cute little kitten had shown up at our house.

Aaron and a couple of friends were swimming in the backyard when this grey and white little guy came cruising out of the field surrounding our house.

He was covered in fleas, but was friendly and super hungry.

Aaron cleaned him up and ran to the store to buy cat food.

When we arrived home last night, Aaron had gone back to Austin, but the kitten was still hanging around.

We refilled his food bowl, brought him inside the house and he hasn’t stopped purring.

We are in love.

Our new little guy has six toes (like Ernest Hemingway’s cats) so we named him “Hemi.”

I’m heading to the store today to stock up on more cat food, toys and a flea collar.

I have a feeling Hemi is going to be sticking around for a while. He seems to like it here.

I’m not much of a cat expert, so if you have any suggestions on ways to keep this sweet pea happy and healthy, send them my way.

Meanwhile, I’ve got some more cuddling to do.


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