A five-day adventure with Milo is underway. Here’s how it’s going so far.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Milo would prefer me to play.


I was going to post this really cute pic I planned on taking this morning; one that involved me playing with my sweet grandpup Milo.

My daughter’s four-month-old Maltipoo is staying at Camp VB this week (that means with The Husband and I) while she takes a little trip to New Orleans.

But a pic wasn’t in the cards for me. My hair is piled on top of my head with mounds of what looks like dead snakes. Like Medusa. It’s what happens when a four-pound pup digs in and sleeps there.

The Husband untangled him from the snake den about 6 a.m. so I could get a few more precious minutes of sleep.

When I dragged myself out of bed a short time later in search of a strong cup of Joe, I stumbled straight into a fresh pile of dog poop. With both feet.

I gagged and The Husband howled.

That little guy can put out some powerfully stinky poo.

Anyway, I’m trying to do a little work this morning and you can see how that’s going.

Adventures with Milo. That’s what the next five days will be. I’ll keep you posted.

How’s your morning going?