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A delicious 400 calorie dinner you need now.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Szechuan chicken meatballs

Dieting is not for sissies. Especially hungry sissies.

And I am one of those.

I don’t like hunger pains. I also don’t like to feel stuffed. I’m like baby bear who wants to feel "just right.”

But after packing on five quarantine pounds, my pants are pretty snug and it’s time to shed this extra weight.

I mean, seriously, it’s bathing suit season.

I have already written about Tommy Barton, owner of Bar10 Fitness and Nutrition, who makes meals for people who like food that tastes good, but doesn’t break the scale.

It’s Thursday night and I am home alone. I don’t have to cook for anyone so I am free to reach into the freezer and pick out one of Tommy’s meals.

I chose a bowl of spicy Szechuan chicken meatballs.

It was a really good choice.

The meatballs were dense and filling with just the right amount of tangy sauce to make the meal feel special.

And the best part? It was only 400 calories.

I’m feeling pretty good about the day’s choices. (No wine and just under 1,200 calories! Yay me!)

You can order Tommy’s meals by messaging him at Bar10 Fitness and Nutrition on Facebook or by visiting his website at (scroll to the bottom and send him an email).


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