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4 ways to protect your pets from the summer heat.  

Updated: Jun 28

My little girl Indie doesn't deal with summer heat because she is a very spoiled and much loved indoor-only kitty.


I was watching the news this morning and the main topic was the rising summer heat.


It reminded people to drink plenty of water, avoid outdoor activity in the middle of the afternoon and to show their pets a little extra care during the dog days of summer.


I don’t have a dog, but I do have Indie, a precious cat I adopted from the Erath County Humane Society.


I spoke with ECHS executive director Serena Wright last year about ways to keep your fur baby safe in the summer, and I figured now’s the perfect time to re-run the story.


She shared a few helpful tips pet owners should keep in mind when dealing with these scorching temperatures.


1. Don’t take your dog on a walk in the heat of the day when the pavement can burn their paws. Remember, if it’s too hot for your bare hands or feet, it’s too hot for their little paws. Short, early morning walks are best. 


2. Do not leave your dog in the car. This seems pretty obvious, but every year it happens. Parking in the shade or cracking a window doesn’t work either, so don’t do it.


3. Give your pet plenty of water even when they are indoors, and if you keep the water bowl outside, make sure it’s in the shade and refilled with cold water often.


4. And finally, if you notice your furry friend is panting, bring them inside and cool them off. Just like humans, pets can develop heat stroke.





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