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10 things you haven’t thought of, but should be doing to keep your home sanitized.

For months now, we have been washing our hands, social distancing and cleaning the surfaces of our homes and work space a little more diligently hoping to keep the coronavirus at bay.

But even with all that extra effort, there are things we are likely missing when it comes to disinfecting.

I sat down with Sandy Smith, manager of Team Clean, to talk about those under-the-radar things that could be harboring germs.

Team Clean is a commercial cleaning service in Stephenville that has been busy keeping banks, doctor’s offices and manufacturing plants across the region clean and sanitized during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company doesn’t do residential cleaning, but Sandy gave some eye-opening advice on things we can do to keep our homes safe.

“The first thing people should do is make sure the disinfectant they are using has an EPA restoration number. If it doesn’t, the product won’t kill the COVID virus,” she said.

Here are a few other things to consider:

1. Reusable grocery bags: Spray them with a disinfectant after each use. People think “reusable” and rarely think to clean them.

2. Clothes hamper: Place a disposable liner inside the hamper to keep clothes that might be contaminated from contaminating other clothes.

3. Jewelry: It’s important to clean jewelry like watches, rings and bracelets that are worn on or near your hands. Simply wipe them down with an alcohol wipe and you’re good to go.

4. Shoes: Spray them with alcohol or disinfectant, especially shoes that are worn in high-traffic areas like gyms.

5. Electronic devices: We are all connected these days, but forgetting that those touchable devices could be harboring germs could make you sick. Use alcohol wipes to clean them.

6. Pillow cases: Wash them often or spray them with disinfectant. Sandy said there are several fresheners on the market that include disinfectants (again, check the label).

7. Refrigerator and freezer: “Wipe off things like the milk jug because you don’t know who touched it or where it’s been and you don’t want to put contaminated things inside your refrigerator or freezer,” she said.

8. Silverware drawer: How many times a day do you reach inside this drawer to dig around for the right utensil? (I haven’t thought of that either.) Clean it often with disinfectant.

9. Renewable charcoal filters: You can purchase these little gems from Amazon. Sandy said they remove mold, allergens and odors and freshens the air inside your home. They last about 30 days, then you simply set them in the sunshine to recharge.

10. Vacuum cleaner: Change the filter or canister inside your vacuum cleaner more often than normal.

If you own a business and want help keeping your customers and employees safe, call Team Clean for a free quote at 817-773-4429 or email


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