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Your new summer binge watch has arrived with Amazon’s Panic; the 10-episode series is a thriller.

The Husband and I are waiting for the new seasons of all our favorite series and have been searching for something worthy of our attention.

We found it with Panic, a new binge-worthy show you can watch on Amazon Prime Video.

We ripped through all 10 episodes in two nights and mourned a little when it was over.

Panic is based on a novel written by Lauren Oliver and has a Hunger Games sort of vibe with plenty of suspense and edge-of-your-seat thrills.

It’s billed as a series for young adults, but believe me when I say old people can enjoy it too.

It’s set in the small Texas town of Carp, where, every year, graduating seniors await the signal of a secret game – Panic.

Those who play face a series of dangerous challenges that will test their strength and ability to, well, not panic in the face of some pretty terrifying situations.

The winner gets a $50,000 cash prize and, with it, the chance to get out of that sleepy little town they call home.

It’s a thriller of a show intermingled with some interesting subplots that involve a sheriff’s office trying to stop the game, and of course, the obligatory blooming romances.

And here is a bonus: One of the main characters (Ray Hall) is played by Ray Nicholson (as in Jack’s son). He is a super fun character to watch with some genetically handed-down acting skills.

If you’re looking for something new to watch, Panic is your summer go-to.

I’m crossing my fingers for a second season.


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