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Lady Liberty, Lady Hope, Lady Freedom.


A September day both dark and sunny we awake

To find faith holding hands with despair

But through fear or terror, we’ll never forsake

Though our losses – “more than any of us can bear”

Whether seen in color or black and white

As Americans we saw the same picture

Though we’ve lost and grieved we’ll forever unite

Hate and fuel has proven a deadly mixture

From the skies flew hell with evil precision

Using God’s children as weapons

Unwilling pain dealt in the name of religion

Smoke and dust carried their spirits to heaven

Evil will forever search in vain for a hero

And find only the scourge that bombs our great towers

To find our heroes we need look only as far as ground zero

In turn we search only for faceless cowards

Yet still she stands, her torch in the air

Rising high above the twisted steel

Lady Liberty untouched, glorious features still fair

But wearing a scar that only justice can heal

Then on the steps they gathered, her daughters and sons

We wept at their spontaneous singing

No parties, to politics, they gathered as one

All children of the Lady called Freedom

Not drama, nor glory, just strong bloody hands

On and on they search for their brothers

It’s for protection and service, and America they stand

It’s for children and fathers and mothers

Through twisted metal and concrete and ashes and dust

Their efforts help a nation to cope

They fight on … fight on… because as heroes they must

And search tirelessly for the Lady called Hope

Three Ladies still stand full of beauty and grace

It’s among ourselves that we still see them

It’s this spirit that no bomb nor terror can erase

Lady Liberty, Lady Hope, Lady Freedom.


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