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This glacial clay detox mask is another product by Ogee I can’t live without.

After a long weekend of no exercise and plying my body with unhealthy food, Sundays often consist of getting back on track by drinking tons of water, making a healthy dinner and food prepping for the week.

And recently I’ve added something new to my day-of-rest-routine: Smearing Ogee’s glacial clay detox mask all over my face.

I figure a day recovering from a fun weekend should also include something to help me look less tired.

My new obsession with Ogee Luxury Organics has literally taken over my bathroom.

From makeup to skincare products, this company produces the most luxurious products I’ve ever tried.

Read about my experience here.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a new product - a Glacial Clay Detox Mask - and as with all of Ogee’s products, the reviews were outstanding.

Customers said the mask left their skin feeling clean and silky smooth.

I noticed that and more.

The cream comes with a fresh scent that glides on like silk using an applicator that comes with the packaging.

Simply sweep your hair away from your face and spread that clay freshness all over. Wait 20 minutes and remove the mask using warm water and a soft cleansing towel.

After just one use, my pores were noticeably smaller and my skin felt tight and healthy.

In fact, this luxurious mask made my skin look and feel like I just left a high-end spa rather than a weekend of indulging in bad decisions.

Seriously, these products by Ogee are a game-changer.


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