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The revitalization of Stephenville will have a direct effect on Erath County.


The city of Stephenville was recently designated as an official Main Street community by the Texas Historical Commission.

Stephenville will join 87 other communities throughout Texas who have been selected to join the revitalization and preservation efforts of the Main Street program.

Spearheaded by Julie Crouch Smith, manager of the Tourism and Visitors Bureau, the city applied for the state program which will commit to preservation-based economic development and the revitalization of the downtown area.

The National Main Street project began in 1980 and Texas was one of the first to successfully incorporate the program under the banner of the Texas Historical Commission.

Upon receiving the designation, the city will be provided technical expertise resources and support, and help in addressing issues historic downtowns face.

Every year the THC may select up to five communities for the official designation, but Stephenville was the only one to receive the honor for 2021.

Since the beginning of the Main Street program, over $4 billion has been generated for reinvestment by private and public entities creating jobs and new businesses. It is a powerful tool for reviving local economies and bringing communities together to forge their future.

The revitalization of Stephenville will have a direct effect on Erath County and the surrounding area, and should benefit all of us.

Congratulations to the city of Stephenville! Another reason to be called the “City of Champions.”


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