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The reasons why I am supporting David Baskett for Stephenville City Council.

David Baskett

As a community member who has lived in Stephenville for over 40 years, I am supporting David Baskett for Stephenville City Council Place 6.

I have known David for over 15 years and have had the privilege of working with him both professionally and in a volunteer capacity.

David has demonstrated leadership not only as a business leader in our community but as hard-working, dedicated community volunteer who gives of his time to ensure Stephenville is a wonderful place for all to thrive.

His extensive knowledge and business background will be an asset in the forward vision I think we all have for the city of Stephenville.

David can be counted on to be fair, trustworthy and compassionate. He has ability to listen to all sides and make informed decisions. I have seen him resolve conflicts and handle difficult situations with patience, understanding and concern.

He has the ability to take on important issues, such as infrastructure, city improvements, and the future development and growth of our city and stay steadfast in dealing with these issues.

David supports a business-friendly, community-friendly environment without increased tax burdens on the citizens.

I am confident David will work hard for the citizens of Stephenville and stay dedicated to the best interest of our city in a positive, proactive and conservative manner.

I hope you will join me in supporting David Baskett for City Council Place 6.

Mindy Wooley,



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