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Surprise! Hobby Lobby opens its doors in Stephenville ahead of schedule.

You guys!

Guess what I just did? I took a power stroll through the new Hobby Lobby in Stephenville and I am happy to report that you will be thrilled when you get the chance to check it out.

Hobby Lobby is the first national retailer to open in Washington Commons, welcoming the public three days ahead of schedule.

A city official confirmed with me this morning that Hobby Lobby was still set to open on Feb. 14.

An hour later, just as I was finishing a little workout, I received a Facebook message from a reader telling me that it had opened today.

(Shoutout to Vickie Matthews Robbins for the tip! I owe her a bottle of wine!)

I didn’t bother changing into clean clothes, but I did spritz on a little perfume in a feeble attempt to mask the smell of sweat and drove to town at a pretty speedy pace.

(But not fast enough to get a speeding ticket.)

There were several cars in the massive parking lot and a few people meandering around inside the store, but it wasn’t nearly as busy as you would expect.

I assume that’s going to change quickly though.

The store is packed full of Easter goodies, St. Patrick’s Day fun and all the home décor you love to shop for at Hobby Lobby.

There are even some cute displays showcasing Tarleton State University and our beloved blue and gold.

I’ve been told that most of the other retailers like James Avery, Buckle, Old Navy, Ross, T.J. Maxx, Ulta Beauty, Five Below and Shoe Show will open in March, so stayed tuned.


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