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Shep’s Scoreboard in Weatherford smacks a home run. You should go.


We love food. Food is family, is friends, is joy. Our love for each other blossomed in our shared passion for the kitchen.

Each of us grew up in families steeped in culinary tradition. Jessica’s family owned an Italian restaurant in Schenectady, New York. My family combines the deepest Creole roots of New Orleans with the determined strength of Coryell County, Texas.

Our love of family and food acts as the compass for our shared culinary adventures; and here in Weatherford, we’ve found kindred spirits.

John and Jennifer Shepherd are the charismatic and passionate owners of Shep’s Scoreboard here in Weatherford, TX.

John’s well of knowledge about Weatherford and Parker County history and life is limitless. Jenn’s involvement with groups like the Parker County and the couples’ unrelenting support for local schools and local business are examples of citizenship for all.

Our brilliant friends each have a storied carrier in the restaurant industry. From the Wild Mushroom to Saltwater, the Shepherds broadened the culinary landscape of Weatherford and Parker County for more than a decade.

August 2015 saw the opening of the Shep’s Place, a family restaurant featuring burgers, beer, and a reflection of John’s long-time love for the Star Wars universe.

Three years later, the Shepherds opened a second Weatherford establishment, Saltwater. Finally, in November 2019, John and Jenn opened Shep’s Scoreboard, a sports themed eatery turning out the best wings we’ve eaten in North Texas.

And then COVID.

Any other restaurateurs would have folded their hands and gone home, reeling from the crushing blow of social distancing and restrictions on public gatherings.

Not John and Jenn.

The Shepherds made the difficult decision to close Shep’s and Saltwater, combining their efforts in the newly opened Shep’s Scoreboard.

Scoreboard features some of the best burgers and sandwiches we’ve ever eaten. The fried pickles hang in memory like a first kiss and the home-made onion rings are the work of the divine.

But for us, the proof is in the wings. We’ve a special love for wings, forged in our shared childhood in Upstate New York. Wings are religious there.

The best wings are crisp despite the sauce, evenly coated, flavorful but not so hot they are uncomfortable.

Scoreboard delivers on all points. From a traditional “Buffalo” style to our family favorite Garlic Parmesan, the Shepherds have done their homework and produced a product worthy of any Upstate pub.

Foodies and families alike will find a sense of home with the Shepherds. With plans brewing about expansion, expect the Shepherd home run parade to continue.

Our highest recommendations for Shep’s and John and Jenn!


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