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Q&A with Sherman Edwards, candidate for Erath County commissioner, precinct 3.

Sherman Edwards

Q: What do you believe is the most important role of a county commissioner?


A: I consider the primary responsibility to be a guardian of taxpayer interests, tasked with making sound financial decisions that prioritize the well-being of the citizens of Erath County.


Q: What do you perceive to be the biggest challenge facing Erath County’s Precinct 3 and how do you propose that challenge be addressed?


A: The most significant challenge we face is managing population growth and addressing the associated needs proactively, preventing them from escalating into emergencies.


Immediate attention is required for critical aspects such as roads and jails, which demand urgent consideration.

Q: What experience do you have making or working with a large budget? Do you believe it’s a good idea for the county to have a “rainy day” or reserve fund?


A: My background involves working with TXDOT, managing substantial financial allocations for projects and contracts on behalf of the State of Texas.


I strongly advocate for the importance of maintaining an emergency fund, particularly for unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, unexpected project requirements, and as a general practice of sound financial management.


Q: As the population continues to grow in Erath County, local offices are affected. How do you plan to work with others elected officials to meet the county’s growth while considering the demands of citizens?


A: Our primary challenge lies in managing population growth. It is essential to collaborate with both city and state agencies to proactively address our future needs. Seeking insights and solutions from larger counties can be instrumental in preparing for the challenges ahead.


Q: What educational and career experiences in your background make you uniquely qualified to serve in this elected capacity?


A: Drawing on my 27 ½ years of expertise and hands-on experience at TXDOT, I've acquired comprehensive training in road construction and maintenance, overseeing substantial projects in the role of an inspector.


Additionally, I bring valuable financial management skills from running my own small business, SLE Dairy Services, where I handled day-to-day operational finances.



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