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OPINION: Why I support Rick Gann for Stephenville ISD board of trustees, place 2.

It is important when we are electing our school board members, that we vote for those who are firm with their morals and traditional values.


After serving on a committee with Mr. Rick Gann, I feel confident that he would be a great asset for Stephenville ISD School Board.


When Rick is elected he has views that address many of the struggles that our students, staff, and families face, as well as making sure to have the best interest of the taxpayer in his decisions.

Mr. Gann plans to focus on the behavioral issues that are happening in our classrooms. He plans to start discussion and be looking for additional resources for the staff that will help to mitigate these situations so that fewer students and staff are affected by these occurrences.


Mr. Gann is also wanting to address teacher and student retention by discussing the possibility of a 4-day school week, which is in line with many of the other districts and schools around our area.


This would allow teachers and students more family time, as well as creating more planning time for teachers.


After the community has received our shocking new appraisals, I believe Mr. Gann is the best option to ensure that the budget is carefully vetted in order to keep too much burden off of the taxpayer.


Please join me in voting for Mr. Rick Gann for SISD Board of Trustees Place 2: The candidate who is pro kids, parents, teachers, taxpayers and community.


Thank you,


Craig Allen



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