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Opinion: Brandon Huckabee is the leader Erath County needs.

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. It is never about the role-always about the goal.”- a quote from Lisa Haisha, a life coach, soul blazer motivational speaker and world traveler who helps clients break through fears to unleash their true potential.

Brandon Huckabee fits this description. He holds a true passion for leading our county to greatness.

He has proved his conservative, yet innovative leadership approach through his service on our city council. He checks all the boxes for what Erath County is seeking when filling the position of Erath County judge: family focused, business minded, conservative, trustworthy, proven, information seeking.

He has the experience needed to lead our commissioners, our county officials, and our community to reach our common goals.

Knowing Brandon and his family has given much insight into his reasons for running for such a position. It is not about the position, but about the opportunity to serve.

Brandon recently stated, “Government should be representative and always be engaged with its citizens. You should be able to trust your public servants, your elected officials and you should look at the records and actions during their terms and hold them accountable. I would be honored by your support to earn your trust and your vote as we work together to make Erath County better today, tomorrow and well into the future for all its citizens.”

This is a true testament to his determination to cut the nonsense and work for the betterment of the entire county.

We are in full support of a change in our county’s leadership. Brandon is the key to unlocking our county’s potential, getting good working relationships established, and finding innovative means to meet our goals.

Please consider voting for Brandon Huckabee for Erath County judge when early voting starts on Feb. 14.


Shane and Christin Pack


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