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Opinion: Brandon Huckabee has fostered teamwork between Tarleton, Erath County and the city.

Erath County Courthouse

Erath County voters,

I am endorsing Brandon Huckabee for Erath County Judge.

Brandon is a local man that I have personally worked with in many capacities. Erath County is a hidden jewel in the State of Texas that is rapidly being discovered from around the state and the country.

Erath County is growing more than 1% per year and over 16% since 2010. To maintain the quality of life we enjoy locally, growth needs to be carefully monitored and controlled. Brandon exhibits the skills, leadership, and creativity to manage the county growth and protect our tax payers’ property.

As the county grows, higher demand will be placed upon infrastructure. With proper controls, this growth can exist without increased taxes.

I believe Brandon can lead these efforts. Brandon supports economic growth and has worked closely with developers, builders, city/county officials in his role as Councilman.

Brandon has exhibited creativity in financing growth in the city without tax increases.

He has also led improved teamwork with TSU, Erath County and the city.

These improved relationships have been instrumental in reducing tax payer burden. Brandon is a conservative with principles and values that will seek accountability and transparency in government.

I am continually impressed with Brandon’s intellect, reasoning and ability to research and understand problems.

Vote Brandon Huckabee for county judge.

Wendell Hollingsworth


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