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Opinion: Brandon Huckabee for careful economic growth, government efficiency, healthy collaboration.

Erath County residents have a few decisions to make when early voting begins Feb. 14.

Among those decisions is selecting who will lead Erath County as our next top elected official.

I usually find some interest in who offers endorsements for candidates and what their connection to the candidate is.

So what qualifies me to offer an endorsement for Erath County Judge?

I am not an employee of the candidate. I am not appointed by the candidate to serve as chair to any commission or committee. I am no one’s campaign manager.

The only thing I have to gain or lose by supporting one candidate over the other is a more effective and efficient county government.

I do have experience working alongside Brandon Huckabee in elected service to constituents.

It has been my experience that Brandon is a problem solver. He goes straight to the source and works with all parties to resolve issues.

Brandon has a history of open communication with county commissioners during his service on city council including many discussions about how the city and county can work together to reduce duplication of services and save taxpayer dollars.

Brandon takes a vision and gathers resources necessary to see his vision through. He is not afraid to work closely with those who have been political adversaries in the past, because his only goal is to make Erath County better for all and will not let his pride stand in the way of positive action.

I have heard "If you do the right thing, you have nothing to worry about.” I would ask two individuals, who have had a petition filed in district court and an official complaint filed with the Texas Ethics Commission against them by the incumbent judge, if they agree with that statement.

Both cases have been dismissed. Legally, the system proved they had nothing to worry about. Personally, the damage is done.

Candidly, if this were Sunday's big game, the incumbent judge would be 0-2 and out of challenge flags.

Do you want a county judge with a lifetime of business experience versus a lifetime of government employment?

Do you want a county judge who has shown through elected service he can promote carefully planned economic growth, government efficiency and effectively collaborate though the working relationships he builds with other officials?

Brandon Huckabee is the only candidate that checks those boxes.

I support Brandon Huckabee FOR Erath County Judge, and I hope you will too.

Early voting begins Feb. 14. Election day is March 1.

Ricky Thurman,



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