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OPINION: As citizens, we may not make a difference in DC, but we have made one locally.

Erath County Courthouse

Since the 2020 election, I am more active than ever in local government and with like-minded involved citizens. As citizens, we may not make a difference in DC, but we can and have made a difference locally.

We actively attend local government meetings. We go to the microphone and voice our opinions. We write letters and texts and emails to local officials.

We campaign for our candidates and we knock doors. We hold officials accountable by requesting documentation through freedom of information requests.

Are we making a difference? We are.

The most notable results of our local activism are the passing of tax freezes for 65 and over at both the county level and city level. We showed up at school meetings and voiced our dissatisfaction with mask mandates for our children and were successful in getting the mandates removed.

We also lobbied the school district not to approve tax breaks for solar companies that were destroying our rural environment. Again, we were successful in stopping the tax break for these huge corporations at taxpayer expense.

But we need your help. We need you to join us at county commissioner’s meetings, council meetings and school board meetings.

Most of all, we need you to VOTE!

We can accomplish so much more by electing officials who share our rural values and will work together with us to make Erath County the best it can be.

Tuesday, March 1, is Election Day. If you have not voted early, please make it a priority to vote on Tuesday.

After months of attending commissioner’s court meetings and observing county government, it is obvious there is a need for change at the courthouse in our chief executive officer, the county judge.

Please consider voting for Brandon Huckabee for county judge. I served with Brandon on the Stephenville City Council. Brandon will bring needed change to the courthouse by creating a positive, collaborative, welcoming work environment for all.

I know him to always thoroughly research a problem or issue and come to meetings prepared with solutions and ideas. He’s the kind of leader that can move the county forward in a positive productive manner.

I also would ask that you consider voting for Kim Barrier. Kim holds both bachelors and masters degrees in business.

She has served us professionally and honorably as our county treasurer under incredibly trying circumstances. She deserves re-election.

Please exercise your right to vote this Tuesday. And please consider casting your vote for Kim and Brandon.


Carla Trussell


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