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OPINION: ‘Alfonso Campos follows the rule of law and does not make hasty decisions.’

Alfonso Campos

This Tuesday, March 1, is the Texas Primary Election Day. We encourage all of our fellow residents of Erath County to get out to vote and re-elect Alfonso Campos as our Erath County Judge.

Alfonso is a fair man who represents his office of county judge with integrity. Yes, Alfonso follows the rule of law and does not make hasty decisions. He listens to all sides of an issue, researches and studies the recourse of his decisions and does the right thing.

Alfonso will go out of his way to encourage others to do the same.

The Campos family has deep roots in Erath County. Alfonso's family is amazing. Each of them, Alfonso, his wife and three children, his siblings and his sweet mother practice their faith each day as they live their lives.

Alfonso is a humble man and never boastful. All of the Campos siblings were raised to exhibit these qualities in life and keep them tight in their hearts.

Growing up in rural Erath County helped to instill in Alfonso the value of a strong work ethic but also the importance of education. Alfonso is a graduate of Huckabay ISD and earned a business degree from Tarleton State University.

During college years he worked several jobs while attending classes full time. Alfonso also drove school bus routes for Huckabay and Stephenville school districts before heading to the Game Warden Academy, the Austin area and pursuing his career as a Texas game warden. Alfonso retired as a major with more than 20 years of service.

Alfonso has tirelessly served Erath County as county judge for three years. These past two years he has worked extremely hard with other county officials during the COVID pandemic. Again working to serve all residents, Alfonso secured a county covid vaccination clinic here. This ensured those in a high priority need of the vaccine were allowed the opportunity to receive it in a timely manner.

We are honored and proud to endorse Alfonso Campos for Erath County judge.


Alex and Beverly Fambro


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