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Oklahoma man found guilty of sexually assaulting teen girl he met online.

Robert McGaugh

I wrote about this guy two years ago.

I wrote about how Robert McGaugh drove from Guthrie, Oklahoma to Stephenville for the purpose of having sex with a then 16-year-old high school girl he met online.

When the girl’s father suspected something was amiss, he contacted Stephenville police and McGaugh was arrested at a local motel.

Since then, McGaugh has been sitting in the Erath County Jail awaiting his fate, and on Wednesday, he began to learn what his future might look like.

After a three-day trial that began on Monday, an Erath County jury found McGaugh guilty of three counts of sexual assault of a child.

District Attorney Alan Nash would not comment on the verdict until after sentencing, which will begin Thursday.



This guy was my step father from when I was 8 years old to 13 years old. He ruined my childhood. I hope he dies in jail.


There is another article on this website, that reports the details of this monster's trail and conviction. God bless the great people of Texas for putting him behind bars for 51 years. My prayers are with you for having to endure this horrible creature.

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