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Nothing lifts the spirit like singing Joy to the World in church.

We went back to church today.

It was the first time we had settled into the pew of our familiar sanctuary in months; since Covid-19 became a thing.

But on Saturday, I said to The Husband, “You know what I want to do in the morning? I want to go to church.”

He agreed, and so off we went this morning, bundled up in a heavy coat, mask and umbrella in hand.

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I always enjoy the carols and beautiful decorations at First Baptist Stephenville, and today’s service didn’t disappoint.

The stage inside the sanctuary was lined with brightly-lit Christmas trees; the upstairs railings were lined with festive greenery and twinkling lights, and when our voices came together to sing Joy to the World, I might have shed a tear or two.

It was the best Sunday we have had in eight months.

Merry Christmas!


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