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Martinis and seafood paella. Enjoy an extra special evening at Rough Creek Lodge & Resort.

This seafood paella was the best I have ever had.

Our social life is largely centered around food – cooking at home with family and friends, eating out at local restaurants or exploring new ones in cities near and far.

In the past few months, we have been able to enjoy some pretty great meals at amazing restaurants from Dallas to Miami, but a place we enjoyed for Valentine’s Day reminded us that one of the best restaurants in the state is just a short drive – 45 minutes – away.

On the Thursday before V-Day, we had an amazing dinner with friends at the restaurant at Rough Creek Lodge & Resort.

The weather was cold and dreary, which only added to the resort’s mountain lodge feel.

Our table sat right next to a large, double-sided fireplace where we sipped pre-dinner wine and cocktails in the coziest setting you can imagine.

I started with a rich bowl of soup to warm me up and others had delicious crab cocktails.

But it was main entrée I will not soon forget; a delicious (and gorgeous) plate of seafood paella that was absolutely the best I have ever had. (And I have enjoyed this dish at a lot of nice restaurants.)

Your experience at Rough Creek won’t be an inexpensive; a three-course dinner is $110 per person, but the service is impeccable and the food is amazing.

If you need to make up for a snowed-in Valentine’s Day and want to celebrate with a splurge, Rough Creek is a gorgeous place to enjoy a special night out.


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