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‘Luke Sims brings the kind of experience, passion, common sense and leadership we need.'

Luke Sims

I have had the pleasure of knowing Luke Sims and his family for several years. I’ve watched Luke build businesses, invest in community organizations/events and give back to this community we all know and love.

Luke is a leader who serves and never hesitates to help get things done. His leadership starts at home with his wife and two children and his faith is the reason behind his passion.

Luke exhibits the character and integrity it takes to faithfully represent our community as a school board member. He will be a great asset and provide lasting greatness as a Stephenville ISD board trustee.

My husband and I were fortunate to have received an excellent education here at SISD. Because of this experience, we have made the choice to raise our two girls here, as we know SISD offers a wonderful education for our children and has employed exceptional teachers who are passionate about teaching.

As a former Stephenville ISD teacher, I also recognize how important it is to have a school board that supports not only the teachers and staff, but also who will listen passionately to the parents and voters of this great community.

Luke Sims brings the kind of experience, passion, common sense and leadership we need on this school board. Having invested the majority of my life here, when it comes to the school board I look for candidates wanting the best for all students, staff and parents while making sound financial decisions as thoughtful stewards of our community resources.

I look for candidates who have proven themselves trustworthy, are actively involved and willing to make tough, right decisions...even if standing alone.

Please join me in supporting Luke Sims for Stephenville Independent School Board of Trustees, Place 4. Luke has shown he is passionate in addressing any issues, listening to concerns and feedback, and actively seeking solutions that make the most sense.

He is committed to paving a way for EVERY student, EVERY teacher/staff, EVERY parent/guardian and will push SISD to be the best possible district it can be.

Luke’s two children are both exceptional little learners at SISD and because of this, I know Luke will help provide support for our teachers, staff and most importantly, our students.

You won’t be disappointed in Luke’s ethical and moral leadership.

Nikki Light,



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