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Longtime CEO of Members Trust Federal Credit Union set to retire; Liliana Canga named as successor.

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After serving the credit union for 45 years, and the last 13 years as CEO, Brian Gilbert announced that he is retiring from Members Trust Federal Credit Union on Sept. 30.

Liliana Canga, who has worked for MTFCU for 25 years, will assume the role as the new president/CEO.

Brian was first hired in April 1978 as an assistant manager with very little knowledge of finance. With a background in agriculture, he assisted in handling agricultural loans and was able to learn some accounting and finance along the way. Gilbert is a graduate of Southwest CUNA Management School and a Certified Credit Union Executive.

In 1978, the credit union had $8 million in assets and four employees. Then known as Houston Milk Producers Federal Credit Union, there followed several mergers and a name change in 2000. The credit union has grown to $230 million in assets and added 27 employees with a branch in Houston and Stephenville, Texas.

“When I started this journey on April 16, 1978, I would have never guessed that it would last over 45 years," Brian said. "The opportunities I've had and the people, both members and fellow employees, that I have crossed paths with, have been amazing. I have been very fortunate to have this opportunity.”

Not only has Brian dedicated his time to the credit union, but he also has volunteered with many organizations, and his dedication to each member hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“He tries to meet every single member’s needs, from the little things to the big issues. He dedicates the same time to big accounts and small accounts. Everybody is an equal member,” Liliana said.

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Duane O Sparkman
Duane O Sparkman
Sep 27, 2023

Congratulations to Brian, he is a great guy and an absolute friend to the agricultural industry

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