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‘Let’s work together to make these community improvements. They will benefit all of us.’

The Erath County Courthouse.

To the residents of Stephenville:

The City of Stephenville has submitted to voters the issue of whether or not we will make needed improvements to the quality of living conditions in our town.

The recommended improvements have been thoroughly studied by citizen committees and by the city council for an extended period of time. The community improvements are needed and the bond issue needs to be supported by all of us.

We have waited for years to make significant community improvements which will include a multipurpose building that will house the Senior Citizens Center, the City Library, provide a recreational area for our youth, and a place for various community meetings and conventions.

The bond issue will also improve the town square for pedestrian traffic and community gatherings and start the process of restoring our historic brick streets around the square and elsewhere.

Our community is growing and we need to make the recommended improvements to our community as we grow rather than being a town that negatively resists every community improvement thereby degrading the quality of life in our community.

I hope each of you will vote in favor of the bond and support each of the proposals through early voting from April 19 through April 27 or by voting on Election Day on May 1.

Let’s work together to make these community improvements. They will benefit all of us.


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Anders Soft

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