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I went bathing suit shopping and didn’t cry in the dressing room; 5 weeks, 13 pounds gone.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I don't do selfies and I really don't do them in bathing suits.

It’s been five weeks since I set sail on a journey to lose a few pounds.

I wasn’t looking forward to starting a diet in the middle of summer vacations and poolside fun, but let’s be honest, is there ever really a good time?

Tired of lugging around the extra weight and fearing public bathing suit displays, I called my friend Julie Brinkley for help.

She is a weight loss coach with Optavia. I started the program five weeks ago, and guess what? I am down 13 pounds!


Believe me when I say that my willpower is no stronger than yours.

While I’m lucky to have some pretty healthy eating habits on most days, I still like to go off the rails on occasion and eat a bucket of chips and salsa at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

My other cool tricks include being able to make an entire bottle of chardonnay disappear at one sitting and eating my weight in cheese and crackers.

What I love about Optavia is that the plan is centered around “fuelings,” pre-packaged and perfectly portioned bars, shakes and other handy snacks that keep me feeling full and energetic all day long (you get five per day) and one healthy lean and green meal.

I always enjoy my meal in the evening so The Husband and I can have dinner together.

If you aren’t tuning into Julie’s live cooking shows on the BTS News Facebook page at 11 a.m. every Wednesday, you should check it out.

She whips up a slew of delicious lean and greens that are on the Optavia 5&1 plan.

If you decide to try the program, please call Julie first (her number is 254-485-9987), otherwise you will be assigned a random coach that could be located anywhere – and having a local connection is invaluable.

Meanwhile, I went bathing suit shopping in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Mexico and guess what?

I didn’t shed a single tear.

That’s progress.


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