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Good read: Stranger in the Lake is a chilling mystery that will leave you wishing for more.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


After a couple of underwhelming reads, I finally stumbled upon something worth writing about.

A Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle is another thrilling mystery I couldn’t put down. I finished the book last night and cried a little when it was over.

Yeah, it’s one of those.

This is the third book I have read by Belle. The first two were the best-selling Marriage Lie and Dear Wife.

They were great reads as well, but a Stranger in the Lake is by far my favorite.

The story centers around Charlotte, a newly-married woman who begins to suspect her husband might be involved in the deaths of two women.

Her wealthy husband Paul has a beautiful home on the lake Charlotte now lives in, but she is plagued with distrust by people in their small town who think she married for money.

But when a woman is discovered floating under the couple’s boat dock, suspicion turns to Paul whose first wife died in a similar fashion years before.

As investigators look for clues to solve the murder, Charlotte is forced to deal with her own suspicions of the man she married.

Belle’s ability to craft a well-tuned whodunit might just be overshadowed by her talent to paint an atmospheric read that puts you smack in the middle of the chilly scenes.

Fog, snow storms and an ice-cold lake full of secrets will have you curling up in a blanket and turning pages as fast as you can.

The shocking end will leave you wishing for more.

Download this book on your Kindle today. You will love it.


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