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Going Places: If it’s time for a little self-care, book yourself into this premier destination spa.


As we continue to adjust to the changes in our lives brought about by COVID, the term “self-care” has taken on new relevance and urgency.

You know what I’m talking about: That feeling you have when the world is too much.

You find yourself screaming at the car in front of you moving too slowly at the light; you fling a plate at the wall when Suzie won’t finish her broccoli; you make your partner quake at even the thought of leaving laundry on the floor.

In spite of deep breaths, yoga and occasional attempts at meditation, you have turned into a horrible person.

It’s time to get away from it all, and I can tell you where to go. Start shaving the grocery budget and putting your extra pennies in a jar. The place to go to get your groove back is expensive, but absolutely worth it.

It is, I promise, cheaper than therapy or a lawyer should you inadvertently kill somebody in your present, tortured state of mind. Conveniently, this place of miracles is only a 2 and ½ hour drive from the Stephenville.

Head south to the Lake Travis area to Miraval, marvelous Miraval.

Miraval Austin Resort and Spa offers the finest in every kind of pampering. Making the investment in self-care at this level means that you have to take it all very seriously. Start with the cleansing ritual and plan, but don’t over plan, so you’ll have breathing room.

These people know what they’re doing.

After checking in, you’ll be shown to your sumptuous room. Between the valet who makes your car disappear and some invisible person heaving your bags, you’ll be given the option of walking to your lodging or being driven in a golf cart. Either way, you’ll arrive at the same time as your bags.

Don’t overpack. You need only very casual clothing that doesn’t make you feel fat. Yoga pants and T-shirts will be fine. Add a swimsuit, of course, if you’re there in summer. The sensory-delighting pools are both outside, overlooking a sweeping landscape of hills and Lake Travis.

All-inclusive means all meals and healthy snacks. Of course, Miraval has a pay-extra bar, but skip the alcohol for once and go with the other included bar, the one that has smoothies of every variety along with cleverly invented wraps, little cups with strange seeds, and bigger cups with fresh yogurt and honey, all available all day.

You’ll make meal reservations for whatever time suits you within a given time frame. The luxury of ordering from a menu three times a day becomes a release in and of itself.

Don’t be afraid to try new, very healthful food choices. Who knew a beet could be so delicious? Of course, the best possible option for breakfast is to order room service and munch your avocado toast on your patio. Then you can ease into your pre-planned schedule.

Several days before arrival, you’ll receive an email with activity details. Some come free, and others will cost extra.

Take advantage of the things you’d never do on your own. I promise that being suspended on a silken rope, dangling in the air while doing yoga stretches is wonderfully invigorating. Everything from meditation, star talks, and belly dancing to spa massages, hikes and poolside drumming class can fill your agenda.

Of course, if you simply wander through the beautiful, Texas native landscaping watching the birds and smelling hints of lavender and sage, that’s ok, too.

Watch for Miraval specials that come available from time to time. Those give daily resort credits in generous amounts. You can apply those to activities or spa treatments. With the application of a bit of math, you can be sure to spend your credits fully when you select your activities before arrival. Leave no free dollar unspent.

If you discover it’s time for some self-care, book yourself into this premier destination spa. Even in times of COVID, you’ll feel safe and secure with all the precautions taken.

Go with confidence. Go with a sense of purpose. Go because you’re worth it.


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