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As school districts grapple with what to do about classes, SISD gives parents 2 options.

School is expected to start in less than a month and Stephenville ISD is offering parents two options for their child’s learning experience.

SISD Superintendent Matt Underwood sent an email to parents asking them to choose their plan.

“Stephenville ISD is fortunate to have some of the very best educators who are committed to providing students with choices for the 2020-2021 school year,” the letter states. “We know many of you were waiting for more clarification regarding the options for the school year before deciding if your child will be attending face-to-face or virtually.”

The letter went on to outline two plans, which Underwood said could still change in this “fluid situation.”

Option A: Face-to-Face Instruction

Principals and staff are working tirelessly to create a safe, in-person learning environment that is as similar to previous school years as possible. To ensure the safety of all students and staff, the measures described below will be in place:

Masks/Face Shields

• Required for all students 4th grade and above

• Some exceptions may apply during athletics, recess or some extra-curricular activities

• Required for all staff members

• Optional for students PreK-3rd grade

• Masks may enable students that have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 to stay in school

Health Screening

Parents will be responsible for screening all students for COVID-19 symptoms each day prior to dropping them off at school


Recess will be offered at appropriate grade levels with organized games/play used to assist in maintaining social distancing


Students will either eat in the classroom or in the cafeteria if social distancing is possible

Health and Hygiene practice

• Students will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer that will be available

• Scheduled hand washing will be encouraged

• Extensive cleaning and sanitizing will be provided by SSC Janitorial Services

Social Distancing

• Six-foot social distancing will be practiced in classrooms and common areas to the extent possible


• Restricted to only those essential to school operations

• Volunteers are extremely important to SISD and we will continue to monitor and make changes as the situation improves


• Transportation for all students will continue to be available

• Hand sanitizer will be used upon entry to the bus

• Social distancing will be encouraged to the maximum extent possible

• Buses will be thoroughly cleaned after each trip

• Masks will be required for students 4th grade and above and all staff; masks will be optional for PreK-3rd grade

Response to Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

• Protocols will be in place with the goal of minimizing interruptions

• Students that must stay home due to having COVID-19 or direct exposure will be able to switch to virtual instruction

Option B: Virtual Instruction

More rigorous and robust curriculum than Spring 2020, and will include a combination of scheduled, virtual instruction and recorded lessons

• Teachers will need to see progress every day

• Attendance will be taken

• The state 90% compulsory attendance rule will be in effect

• The district grading guidelines are the same as face-to-face

• Proctored exams will be required in person with enhanced social distancing or online

A parent may choose to switch a student from virtual instruction to face-to-face instruction at the end of any six weeks

UIL and Extra-Curricular Activities

• Students will be allowed to come to school to participate in the class period

• Students will be allowed to participate in after-school activities and games

• Some elective classes may only be offered in person; a list of virtual electives will be available upon request

“Prior to the Wednesday, July 29th, deadline for the learning platform selection, we will be following up with a more comprehensive plan,” Underwood said.

What platform will you choose?


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