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As police continue business checks, one pharmacy’s security system thwarts an attempted burglary


Local businesses that have been forced to shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic are receiving regular safety checks from Stephenville police officers.

In fact, Police Chief Dan Harris said officers have completed more than 2,000 business checks since March.

A card left by an officer checking a local business.

“We are going out on our own and checking on businesses, all business, but especially the ones that don’t have robust security systems,” Harris said.

One such robust security system recently thwarted an attempted burglary.

“Three suspects tried to break into Tanglewood Pharmacy, but were unsuccessful,” Harris said. “Two of the suspects are in custody and we have a warrant for the third.”

Harris said the suspects are part of an organized crime ring from Houston.

“They specifically target these types of businesses,” he said.

Chief Harris is asking the public to remain diligent about keeping an eye out for their neighbors during this time of social distancing.

If you see suspicious activity, he says, call police.

He is also reminding would-be criminals that while the city is under an emergency declaration, punishment for crimes is enhanced.

“What might have been a misdemeanor is now a felony, and criminals are facing serious time behind bars if convicted,” he said.


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