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27 things you can do in 8 minutes and 46 seconds.


You can walk 0.44 miles @ 3mph.

You can run 0.88 miles @ 6mph.

You can drive 5.11 miles in the city @ 35mph.

You can drive 8.76 miles on the highway @ 60mph.

You can swim 8 to 9 freestyle laps in an olympic size pool.

You can hard-boil an egg.

You can eat 141 hard-boiled eggs. (World Record in 2013)

You can do the prep-work for a meal.

You can bake ten Totino's Pizza Rolls @ 425º.

You can ride the Texas Giant roller coaster 2.7 times.

You can smoke one cigarette.

You can listen to 60% of Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

You can read approximately 2,190 words.

You can read approximately 8 pages of a novel.

You can read the Book of Philippians.

You can recite the Hail Mary Prayer six times.

You can take somewhere between 105 and 175 breaths.

You can feel your heart beating somewhere between 526 and 1052 times.

You can kneel on a man’s neck.

You can nonchalantly keep one hand in your pocket.

You can ignore the pleas of bystanders.

You can ignore a man crying out, “I can’t breathe.”

You can ignore a man whispering for his Mama.

You can stop a man’s breath.

You can take a life.

You can devastate a family.

You can incite a Movement.

Lisa Owens is a regular contributor to Beneath the Surface News. You can reach her at


May 16, 2023

take a life🤣


Mar 02, 2021

why would i do lisa owens


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