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Couple spots strange light hovering near Stephenville home and are sharing video of the experience.

Stephenville resident Melba Cancino gets up early every morning to let out her dogs, but when she stepped outside just before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning, she did a double take.

Hovering near her home on the southeast end of town, just off Lingleville Road, was a strange circular light.

She watched it for a few minutes before getting her binoculars to take a closer look.

“I thought it was a plane or a drone at first,” Melba told Beneath the Surface News. “When I used the binoculars, the object looked like a disco ball or the Reunion Tower ball with lights.

“It would expand and then go really small; when it expanded it looked like fireworks with red and green lights.”

After watching the light for about 20 minutes, she asked her boyfriend David Brown, who was inside the house getting ready for work, to come outside.

“My first impression was that it had to be a plane because it was near the airport, but it was staying in place,” David said. “It was twinkling with white, green and red lights, and the thing was totally silent.”

Melba began filming the light with her cell phone, and by 5:50 a.m., it was gone.

She posted two videos of the sighting to YouTube.

You can watch the first here and the second here.

I sent the videos to Steve Allen, a former pilot who first spotted something strange in the skies above Erath County back in 2008 (surely, you remember) and he called the footage “strange.”

“It’s definitely not a flare or an aircraft from earth,” he said.

Melba and David are hoping that others in Stephenville spotted the light and might be able to explain it.

“All I can say is that it was truly strange,” Melba said.


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