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With more than 240 new cases, spread of Covid-19 picks up steam in Erath County.

Erath County officials sounded another alarm on Tuesday when they released the latest numbers on the spread of Covid-19 across the area.

Emergency management coordinator Cyndi Smith said 241 new cases have been reported during the past week with five local hospitalizations.

The county is only reporting 56 active cases due to the Center for Disease Control’s latest guidelines.

“Our numbers continue to increase at an extremely high rate,” Smith stated in an email.

“The report reflects the new CDC recommended 5-day recovery instead of the 14-day recovery.”

Officials are asking the public to do its part in stopping the spread of the virus by staying home if you are sick, washing hands frequently and avoiding large gatherings.

“If you are not vaccinated or need a booster, please do so or talk to your medical doctor for directions,” Smith said. “Vaccinations and boosters are free and available at most pharmacies.”


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