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Wiggling into new jeans is never fun, but I am in love with Liverpool. Find them at Silver Wings.

My cute new jeans and my cuter friend LeAnn Durfey.

Trying on jeans every fall stresses me out as much as bathing suit shopping.

Maybe more.

There’s something about trying to find that perfect fit (high-rise, low-rise, skinny, boot cut, ripped) and just the right color that won’t make me look my age while making me look my age.

You with me?

I was desperate for a new pair of jeans on Monday for an event I had later that afternoon.

I called my friend Cynthia Huckabee, owner of Silver Wings Boutique in Stephenville, and asked about her inventory of Liverpool Jeans.

I fell in love with the brand a couple of years ago.

She informed me that she did, in fact, have the ankle skinny I was looking for and would soon be getting in a new shipment of different styles.

Silver Wings was recently selected to become a Destination Liverpool Store meaning the boutique will expand the brand’s inventory.

I was thrilled.

I am also pretty thrilled with the pair of jeans I purchased yesterday that happen to fit my waist and thighs perfectly without making my rear end look like Mount Everest.

The ankle skinny is unique because there are no buttons or zipper. You just pull them up like a legging and go.

They will set you back just under $100, and we women know that’s pretty reasonable for a great pair of jeans.

They are super versatile too. I’ll dress them up with heels for a night out or wear them with a cute pair of sneakers while running errands.

And here’s the best part: They make me feel skinny and nothing ever makes me feel skinny.

If you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans to add to your fall wardrobe, you need to try on a pair of Liverpool.

I will be shocked if you don’t love them as much as I do.


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