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Who needs a cute face mask? These local places have got you ‘covered.’

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Kids and adult face masks at 4 Kids Only.


The face coverings my family has been wearing are pretty plain.

We ordered them from Amazon and got a box with about a gazillion hospital-like masks that serve its purpose, but cramp our style.

So I set out to find some masks with a little more personality and I hit the jackpot!

Here’s a look at what I found.

1. 4 Kids Only. This children’s store located in the Bosque River Center has masks for kids and adults starting at $6.99. Owner GeriAnn Kalsbeek said a mad rush to purchase them has left the store with a short supply, but more are coming in soon.

2. Stephenville Chamber of Commerce. Swing by and pick up a free mask (or two) made by a group of local men and women called “Face Masks for Erath.” There are a variety of prints to choose from, including some for dog lovers.

You can pick up one of these from the Chamber of Commerce.

3. Blue Flamingo. This downtown boutique is carrying a nice selection of face coverings you will find at their counter. Prices range from $8-9 and come in several prints or single colors. (The navy blue is my favorite.)

The selection at Blue Flamingo.

4. Charlotte Heart Boutique. This online boutique with local “porch pickup” has been carrying some of the cutest masks around. The bad news is that they are currently out of stock, but the good news is that a new shipment is set to arrive on Thursday (July 2).

Place your order by visiting them online at or on Facebook.

Cute masks like this can be purchased at Charlotte Heart Boutique.


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