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Whataburger fans, rejoice! Stephenville’s big, new restaurant is opening next spring.

Photo courtesy of Whataburger press kit.

There’s good news for the Whataburger faithful who will soon get to enjoy those delicious patty melts and famous “100% beef, 100% of the time” burgers in a new restaurant opening in Stephenville next year.

“The new restaurant will open in spring 2021, and we look forward to welcoming our neighbors and friends to the new location,” Whataburger’s area manager Maria Veloz told Beneath the Surface News.

“The restaurant will be our new large-unit prototype and will allow us to serve up the delicious burgers and friendly customer service our customers know and love faster.

“We’ll share details as we get closer to the opening date.”

Construction is already underway directly across from Whataburger’s current location.


• Whataburger restaurants are in 10 states.

• Whataburger ranks 7th in sales among hamburger quick-serve restaurants.

• Whataburger has more than 2 million Facebook fans, 970,000 Twitter followers and 215,000 Instagram followers.

• On the restaurant’s first day of business in 1950, Whataburger sold $50 in fast food. By day four, the total increased to $141.80.

• The cost of the very first Whataburger was 25 cents.


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