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Virtual Summit aimed at helping Texas veterans navigate mental health and other issues.

TSU Media Relations

Tarleton State University’s Rural Communications Institute and Texas Social Media Research Institute will host a Virtual Summit for Texas veterans at 3 p.m. Thursday, July 13, via Zoom.

Area military service members, veterans, their families and caregivers may register for the event here.

Each registrant will receive a box of Girl Scout cookies.

A session facilitated by A.B. Bustos, MPH, from the Texas Veterans Commission will highlight TVC services. One particular program, focused on mental health, assists former service members regardless of active duty or discharge status.

Linda Mallon, Hood and Somervell counties veterans services officer, will discuss local resources available for Central Texas veterans. Tarleton Associate Professor Subi Gandhi, director of Erath Engaged, will present a session exploring common health issues veterans experience.

Erath Engaged program specialist Emmy Clay and her team will present a health checklist focused on rural veterans.

“It’s crucial for service members and veterans to recognize the importance of prioritizing their health,” Clay said. “The well-being of our military personnel plays a pivotal role in their personal fulfillment, successful reintegration into civilian life, and continued contributions to society.

“By proactively addressing their health, they can enhance their quality of life and navigate the demands of daily living in and out of the military.”

Tarleton communication professor Jennifer Edwards, the daughter/caregiver of a U.S. Army veteran, will present on hidden benefits for the families of service members and veterans.

“Rural service members and veterans do not receive information about new and expanded benefits in a timely manner,” Dr. Edwards said. “One of our goals is to share benefit-based information in a communication format that is easily understood by our military community in rural areas. This includes church outreach sessions, guest speaker sessions and tabling events.”

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