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Two weeks in and Indie is finally adjusting to her new home and showing off that sweet personality.

Indie no longer hides from us.

The one-year-old female cat I adopted from the Erath County Humane Society two weeks ago has finally started to warm up to her new home and family.

And guess what? She is a total sweetheart.

We have fallen head over heels for this sweet girl who still show signs of fear, but has stopped trying to claw our eyes out whenever we get too close.

She startles easy when there’s a sudden noise (like the heater kicking on) or if we reach to pet her too quickly, so we approach her gently and never try to pick her up.

It’s been a lot of fun to watch her slowly come out of her hiding place (which was a small bathroom), play with her toys and sit in our lap.

I love that she is beginning to feel safe.

I hate to admit that she even sleeps with us because my friends keep telling me that I’m becoming the crazy cat lady, which I fear might be true.

But that’s ok.

Indie has brought a lot of joy to our lives and I am so glad we found her.

If you want to do something good, stop by the Erath County Humane Society and adopt an animal that needs a new home.

Your heart will benefit greatly from that small act of kindness.


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